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Friday, 23 September 2011

1965 Bob Davies longboard for sale

Mark in Newquay is looking for offers on this vintage longboard. It was made around 1965 by Bob Davies of Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand , and is numbered 726. Its a rare and fun looking rider ;looks like a replacement fin - the original would have been a big old skeg.
To make an offer give Mark a call on 07400 222628. Every quiver should have one.


  1. Classic to see one of Dad's boards over the otherside of the world! Here's a bit of background for you - Bob is one of New Zealand's most famous and respected board shapers. Under is wing he taught the likes of Alan Byrne (Byrning Spears) and Rod Dahlberg to shape. He also had Bob McTavish travel to NZ in the 60's to do short shaping stints for him. Here in NZ his boards are collector items and fetch good money. Here's a few from my collection. http://diggasurf.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/quiver-ing/

  2. ey do you go anytime to Costa Rica? to Jaco beach? this place is a real surf madness! in fac in this place was the last world surf tournament, women, beach, sand and sun, the perfect combianation.

  3. i have a vintage Davies board in good condition im in hawkesbay new zealand offers

  4. Might be a long shot as this is an old post, contact me at dougpearson@mail.com